The Direct Method of Activation using No Days Powder Wafers involves placing the cut out powder wafer material directly on the glass to create powdered glass designs. You will not be able to move the powder wafer after activation.


Using Powder Wafer Sheets:
Place your Powder Wafer cut-out directly on the fusible glass piece where you want your design to be. Press it flat against the glass with the back of your fingernail or a tool.

Wearing a NIOSH-approved face mask, sift powder on top of the cut-out to completely cover it (1/8″ to 1/4″ layer of powder). Tamp the powder down with the back of a spoon or other tool.

NOTE: You can use fine frits with No Days Powder Wafers, but your designs may not be as crisp.

Place the glass and powder in the kiln and turn the kiln on full to 200ºF (90ºC) for 12-60 minutes. The amount of time it takes for the No Days Powder Wafers to activate depends upon your kiln setup. Both glass and ceramic are insulators, so it takes longer to heat them up. You may want to experiment with placing the glass on stilts on a metal plate for activation.


The first time you use the No Days Powder Wafers, create a small test tile on clear to see how long it takes for the material to activate in your kiln. You’ll be able to see the activated materials from the bottom side of the glass, if you’re using clear glass.

Let the kiln cool down below 150ºF (65ºC). Carefully remove the glass from the kiln (wearing your face mask) to your work surface. [If you have a craft oven or electric griddle dedicated to crafts, you can use these to activate the powder wafer material at 200ºF (90ºC) for 5-15 minutes.]

Remove excess powder and collect it to re-use in another project. You can now assemble your project for firing. If using the Powder Wafers under layers of glass, you may want to tack fuse the pieces before assembling multiple layers to minimize bubbling.

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