No Days Adhesives Powder Wafers

12″ x 12″ sheet (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

Create Detailed Powder Wafer Designs Quickly with No Extra Kiln Firings

NO Days Powder Wafers are a simple and effective way for any fused glass artist to create detailed patterns and designs in glass without extra tools or specialized materials.


It allows designers to create simple or intricate powdered glass elements to be fused on the glass surface with no waiting, no mess and no complicated instructions. No Days Powder Wafers are a quick, convenient way to make detailed powder designs in fused glass without extra kiln firings. Traditional powder wafers are made by fusing your powder design in the kiln. Then, you have to wait for the design to cool down and clean any fiber paper or kiln wash residue off of the back of your design. With No Days Powder Wafers, you can eliminate the extra trip to the kiln and there’s no extra cleaning involved!

NO Days Powder Wafer Product Benefits 

  • 12″ x 12″ sheet size fits conveniently on cutting machine mats
  • designed for use in a standard kiln
  • easy to cut with scissors or craft knives, as well as punch out tools and cutting machines
  • tacks fine frit and powder in detailed wafer designs to glass immediately
  • save time, money and energy by eliminating extra kiln firings
  • cut your design out of No Days Powder Wafers without wasting extra glass powder
  • no extra cleanup of design elements for use in fused glass
  • non-toxic and easy to use

To make your own powder wafer cut-outs from No Days Powder Wafer sheets:

Place your design under the Powder Wafer sheet. If you want, you can trace the design directly onto the sheet using a fine tip felt marker. Using scissors or an exacto blade, cut the design out of the sheet. (You can use paper punches and cutting machines to cut out designs from the Powder Wafer sheets, too.)

Always use a respirator when working with glass powder.

Using Powder Wafer Sheets:

There are 2 methods for working with the No Days Powder Wafers:

NOTE: You can use fine frits with No Days Powder Wafers, but your designs may not be as crisp.

A kiln, craft oven or craft griddle can be used to activate the No Days Powder Wafers. The time and temperature will vary according to the kiln setup, method of activation and heating tool you use.


  Activating No Days Powder Wafers
 In the Kiln  In a craft oven, toaster oven or griddle
 Set the kiln to run on full to 200ºF for 12-60 minutes.
If you’re using larger pieces of glass,
you may want to slow down the
ramp up rate to 200 degrees per hour.
Set the temperature to 180º-200ºF for 5-15 minutes.


NO Days Firing Schedules

Once you’re ready to fire your glass design in the kiln,  the 3 segments below are important for fully burning off the binders in the No Days Powder Wafers. Depending upon the size of your piece, you may be able to skip the first segment.

Recommended firing schedule:
Segment 1:
150 dph* to 300ºF (150ºC) with a 45 minute hold
Segment 2:
250 dph to 600ºF (315ºC) with a 45 minute hold
Segment 3:
250 dph to 1000ºF (535ºC) with a 45 minute hold

*dph = degrees per hour

The three segments above are important for letting the binders burn out of the wafers to prevent distortion, devitrification and discoloration. Continue with desired firing schedules after Segment 1-3.

The Powder Wafers will smoke while the binders burn off. It is recommended to vent your kiln until the kiln finishes the hold time at 1000ºF (535ºC). Make sure your kiln vents outside. If you can’t vent your kiln outside, then don’t vent.

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