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How to Make Fused Glass Snowflakes with Pattern and Directions

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This e-book details the process for creating fused glass snowflakes with 12 different patterns and simple instructions. If at any time you have questions, I am a quick email away!

The bonus article includes instructions for using a glass cutting system to quickly cut 1/4" glass strips.

Use: Feel free to use the patterns to teach classes but please do not distribute the patterns or e-books. Thank you for your support or my small business! - Carrie Strope

Materials you will need:
-compatible fused glass
-safety glasses
-glass cutter and running pliers (mosaic nippers are handy, too)
-sharpie and ruler
-kiln (or access to a kiln)
Have fun making ornaments galore! I did this a few years ago with my 5 year old niece, and we made dozens of snowflakes. Kids love it, too!
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