No Days Groutless

NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive for Creating Quick and Easy Mess Free Mosaics

No Days Groutless provides you a one step process by allowing you to use your glue as your grout when creating glass art mosaics. No Days Groutless is delivered in a dry to the touch adhesive sheet and can be cut to size to match the size of your substrate. Full size or cut sheets can also be placed side by side to cover larger or custom size substrates, and can be layered to fill in gaps and larger grout lines.


  • Step 1: Cut the Groutless Mosaic Adhesive to the size of your substrate using scissors or a craft blade.

  • Step 2: Place the cut adhesive sheet on top of your substrate and begin to build your mosaic with glass, ceramic or stone tile.
    NOTE: If there are gaps between the tiles that are greater than 1/16", you'll need to use a tool (like tweezers or a skewer) to move the pieces around while you're heating. Pushing the pieces closer together, while the adhesive is heated, will cause the adhesive to fill in and "grout" the gaps. You may want to use two layers of adhesive under your tiles for larger gaps.

  • Step 3: When finished placing all your tile pieces on top of your substrate, begin heating using a standard heat gun or embossing heat tool. Hold the heat gun approximately 6" to 8" above your piece to gradually heat the adhesive and tiles.
    NOTE: Avoid holding the heat gun or embossing heat tool too close to your tiles as this can cause small tile pieces to shift. As the pieces heat up, the adhesive will begin to liquify. While heating, apply slight pressure to the tiles with a hand tool so the adhesive begins to surround and fill the gap between tile pieces.

  • Step 4: When finished heating, you will have approximately one minute to continue to shift tiles around while the adhesive cools, sets and cures. When the adhesive is fully cooled, your mosaic is now finished. If you need to remove or re-position any tile pieces, simply re-heat, adjust and allow to cool again.