NO Days ThinFuse for Creating Beautiful Kiln Fired Mosaics

NO Days ThinFuse Adhesive is a thin, dry-to-the-touch adhesive film designed for adhering glass to glass for fusible mosaic designs. Due to its thin film form, ThinFuse will fully burn off in the kiln leaving behind nothing but your creative fused glass art

    Create detailed Frit Designs or Adhere Foil to Glass Surfaces

  • An additional unqiue characteristic of ThinFuse is the ability to adhere foil and thin layers of glass powder and enamels directly to glass surfaces for firing.

    For Glass Powders and Enamels, Thinfuse gives you the capability of cutting detailed patterns out of the adhesive film and then laying that pattern down on your glass surface. Sift glass powder or enamels on top of the detailed adhesive pattern and apply heat (Don't use a heat gun for heating up glass powders). Once cured, knock off excess powder or enamel and you will be left with a detailed pattern on the surface of your glass ready for firing. Always use a respirator when working with powders and enamels.

  • For Foil, place ThinFuse between foil and glass surface. Using a craft iron or household iron, apply heat to the top surface of foil causing the adhesive to flow. Once cooled, the foil will be adhered to your glass surface and ready for firing.
    Firing Note: NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive can be fired in your kiln before fully cured, but it is not recommended. If you do fire it before the adhesive is fully cured, venting the kiln outside is highly recommended and some fuming could appear.