No Days Bailbond

Adhering a Bail for Jewelry Has Never Been So Easy!

Bailbond is a specially formulated heat activated adhesive designed to adhere jewelry bails quickly and with no mess. Easily change out your bails by simply re-heating Bailbond to re-work the bond.


How to use NO Days BailBond for Adhering Bails

  • Step 1: cut adhesive strip to desired length and place on bail
  • Step 2: apply heat using a heat gun or embossing heat tool to allow adhesive to melt and flow
  • Step 3: apply light pressure with a heat proof tool during the heating and cooling of the NO Days Bailbond Adhesive.
  • Step 4: allow to briefly cool to fully cure. Re-heat to undo bond.
  • Note: heat gun or embossing heat tool recommended when heating NO Days BailBond Adhesive. Heat Guns can be found in our NO Days Store or can be found at your local hardware or craft store.

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