No Days Powder Wafers

NO Days Powder Wafers for Creating Fusible Powdered Glass Pattern Designs

An Easy to Use Adhesive Sheet for Designing Your Own Intricate Details with Glass Frits and Powders. Create Powder Wafers the easy way with No Days Powder Wafers! Make detailed patterns on your fused glass surfaces using glass powders or fine frits and NO Days Powder Wafers. Eliminate extra firings and cut detailed designs without wasting any powder.

Directions for making your own Powder Wafer cut-outs

Always use a respirator when working with glass powder!
    1) Cut your design out of the Powder Wafer sheet using paper punches, a cutting machine, scissors or a razor.
    2) Place the white release paper that comes in the package shiny side up on a flat surface that you will use to transfer the setup to the heating apparatus. Wearing a NIOSH-approved face mask, sift a thin layer of powder (about 1/16") on the release liner.
    3) Place the cutout Powder Wafer on the powder and continue to sift powder on top. Cover with about 1/4" of powder. Tamp down on the powder with the back of a spoon.
    4) Heat set the No Days Powder Wafer cutout. A griddle, hot plate, craft oven or kiln can be used. The heat is distributed most evenly when the shiny release paper sits atop of a metal plate or sheet of glass that can transfer the heat evenly to across the surface. (If you use glass, be sure not to thermal shock it!) If using a kiln, place the metal plate or sheet of glass in the kiln and turn the kiln of full to 200 dF for 15 minutes.
    5) Carefully remove the plate from the kiln (wearing your dust mask) to your work surface. Slide the release liner to your work surface and let it cool down for 5 minutes.
    6) Pull the No Days Powder Wafer out of the glass powder and reclaim the extra powder. Your No Days Powder Wafer is ready to use in a glass fusing project. If using the Powder Wafers between layers of glass, be sure to give air a way to escape during firing. Sifting clear powder across the glass can help. You may want to tack fuse your design in place before assembling multiple layers.
    NOTE: You can use fine frits with No Days Powder Wafers, but your designs may not be as crisp.

    [If you have a craft oven or electric griddle dedicated to crafts, you can use these to activate the powder wafer material at 160 dF - 200 dF (70 dC - 90 dC) for 5-15 minutes. Experiment with small sample pieces to find the ideal heat settings for your preferred activation method.

    Activating No Days Powder Wafers
    In the Kiln In a craft oven, toaster oven or griddle
    Set the kiln to run on full to 200ºF for 12-60 minutes.
    If you're using larger pieces of glass,
    you may want to slow down the
    ramp up rate to 200 degrees per hour.
    Set the temperature to 160º-200ºF for 5-15 minutes.

    Recommended firing schedule:

    Segment 1:

    150 dph* to 300ºF (150ºC) with a 45 minute hold

    Segment 2:

    250 dph to 600ºF (315ºC) with a 45 minute hold

    Segment 3:

    250 dph to 1000ºF (535ºC) with a 45 minute hold

    *dph = degrees per hour

    The three segments above are important for letting the binders burn out of the wafers to prevent distortion, devitrification and discoloration. Continue with desired firing schedules after Segment 1-3. The above schedule is conservative in order for larger designs to fire successfully. Smaller designs can be fired successfully with shorter firing times.

    The Powder Wafers will smoke while the binders burn off. It is recommended to vent your kiln until the kiln finishes the hold time at 1000ºF (535ºC). Make sure your kiln vents outside. If you can't vent your kiln outside, then don't vent.

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