No Days Mosaic Film

Adhere Your Tiles to Various Substrates Quickly and Cleanly with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film is a superior alternative to messy, weak and inconsistent liquid adhesive products. Use it to adhere all types of mosaic tiles to a variety of substrates including wood, glass, cement, drywall and medium density fiber board (MDF).

    Get to Your Mosaic Grouting Quicker

  • NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film's key advantage is in its ability to quickly cure large surface areas of a mosaic with no mess. Mosaic artists can now eliminate the tedious task of having to glue each tile and then wait hours or sometimes days to cure before grouting. Whether you are bonding to glass, metal, ceramic, cement or plastics, NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film ensures your mosaic will be built with ease and held together with strength allowing others to enjoy your mosaic masterpieces for years to come.

    A Few Easy Mosaic Assembly Steps

  • Simply place down your glass or tile pieces on top of the mosaic film and heat. Heat entire mosaic or small sections and allow to cool to cure. That's it! Your tiles are now securely bonded to your substrate and ready to grout.

  • Make Application Easier by Prepping Your Substrate

  • Cut the adhesive to the size of your substrate (stepping stone, cement board, mdf, wood, etc) and place it on the clean, dirt-free surface that you will build your mosaic on. Place the release paper that comes in the package shiny side down on top of the adhesive. Press the paper with the iron on a medium setting until the adhesive turns transparent. Wait for the adhesive to cool and remove the liner. You can now build your mosaic without the adhesive sheet slipping, and heat set your mosaic in sections without the adhesive pulling back.
  • Adds More Strength and Sealing Capabilities

  • The uniform thickness of NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film creates a strong long-term bond and seal between your glass/tiles and substrates. When heated, the adhesive film will begin to flow adjusting for any surface flatness conditions and voids that may exist. You can even stack a few sheets of film if you are working with extremely uneven surfaces or porous surfaces.
  • Re-Working after Curing with NO Days is NO Problem!

  • A unique characteristic of NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film is that you can easily remove or reposition pieces of your mosaic, unlike other traditional liquid or cement adhesives. Once you heat and cure NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, it can be easily re-worked by simply re-heating. No more having to "break your bond" after curing and risk damaging your glass/tile or substrates you are working with in the process. NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film cannot be accidentally re-activated by indoor or outdoor temperatures due to its elevated phase-change temperature of 160F/71C (point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid).
  • Grouting

  • There are no special grouts or grouting instructions required when using NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film. The strong bond provided by the mosaic adhesive film prevents glass and tile movement when grouting.
  • Outdoor Mosaic Application

  • NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film was designed with outdoor weather conditions in mind. The elevated phase-change temperature (point at which it is heated and changes from a solid to a liquid) is 160F/71C. This temperature is high enough that it cannot be reactivated by outdoor weather conditions.
  • Trace Your Mosaic Pattern (preserve your original sheet)

  • Trace your pattern directly onto your glue! Simply trace your pattern onto the clear sheet with a felt pen. It's a quick and easy way to transfer your pattern onto your substrate. If you prefer to trace your pattern onto your substrate first.....not a problem! The clear film form of NO Days Mosaic Adhesive will allow you to see you pattern underneath.
  • Adhesive Clarity

  • Due to the mosaic adhesive film's thin film form, it can be used in applications where a designer is wanting to minimize the visual effects of adhesive when using clear glass or glass substrates. The amount of clarity with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film is dependent on the designers ability to apply uniform and even heat to activate the adhesive. If NO Days Mosaic Film is being used in glass to glass application where there will be no grouting, then the film can be easily cut to match each glass piece so the adhesive film will only be present underneath the cut glass piece and not within the area between the cut glass pieces typically where the grout would be applied.