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No Days Glaze

Superior Stained Glass Glazing Assembly Solution Than Traditional Putty or Cementing Methods

NO Days Glaze is an easy-to-use stained glass pre-formed glazing strip designed to be placed into your lead or zinc came first versus brushing putty and cement in last. NO Days Glaze seals and adds strength, at the same time increasing productivity when building a leaded stained glass window.


    1. Prepare your pattern for using No Days Glaze.
    2. Cut and grind your stained glass to fit your pattern.
    3. Begin building your window. Insert No Days Glaze in the lead channels (both sides) before fitting your glass in the channels.
    4. Solder the joints on the front side of the window.
    5. Apply heat (see heating methods below).
    6. Allow to cool to cure (5-10 minutes).
    7. Flip your window easily and solder the backside.
    8. Clean your window and hang!

Fit Guide for Cascade Metals Lead and Zinc Came:

ZINC Edge Came:

ZB-375 = 3/16" or 5/32" (snug) No Days Glaze
ZB-932 = 1/8" or 9/64" (snug, limited quantity) No Days Glaze
ZU-156 = 1/8" or 9/64" (limited quantity) No Days Glaze


RH-7 #2 = 3/16" (snug) or 5/32" (loose) No Days Glaze
RH-5 #2 = 3/16" (snug) or 5/32" (loose) No Days Glaze

RH-1 #2 = 5/32" No Days Glaze

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