No Days ThinFuse

No Days ThinFuse Adhesive is a thin, dry-to-the-touch adhesive film designed for adhering glass to glass for fused glass mosaic designs. It’s a great choice for projects that require full coverage and many small pieces. Due to its thin film form, ThinFuse will fully burn off in the kiln leaving behind nothing but your creative fused glass art.

NO Days ThinFuse Product Benefits

Product Size: 12″ x 24″ (30.5cm x 61cm) Sheet, 1 Sheet Rolls

  • leaves behind no residue after firing *
  • adheres fusible glass pieces to glass base for fusing
  • create instant bond for faux “tack fuse”
  • non-toxic and easy to apply to glass surface
  • glass tiles are quickly re-positioned by heating
  • activate adhesive with a heat gun, embossing heat tool, kiln, griddle or oven
  • fire in a standard or microwave kiln

The thin film form of ThinFuse allows you to apply a thin uniform adhesive layer to your glass substrate and design your glass pattern on top. Once finished designing your pattern, secure your glass tiles to the glass substrate with heat. After the glass cools, you can add frit and other design elements, before firing your fused glass mosaic in the kiln.

Once fired, No Days Thinfuse is designed to fully burn off in your kiln leaving behind no residue!

* No Days Thinfuse is the best option for when you need full coverage with many small pieces. If you put No Days Thinfuse down with large pieces, you may not get a full burn-off and end up with some residue if your firing schedule isn’t overly slow.

A Few Easy Fused Glass Mosaic Assembly Steps

No Days Thinfuse comes packaged with a silicon release liner. The adhesive film is very thing and is designed to be applied to your glass with the release liner attached.

  1. Cut your base piece of glass to size. (Depending on whether you fire up or down, this base piece of glass could actually be the top piece of glass when you have finished.)
  2. Unroll the No Days Thinfuse adhesive, but do not remove it from the release liner. (If it is hard to tell which side has the adhesive on it, you can run your fingernail across a spot by the edge of the roll and a bit of the adhesive will pull up.)
  3. Place the piece of glass you cut on top of the adhesive. (Make sure the surface you are working on is clean and free of debris. You don’t want any bits of frit or other particles to get stuck to the film, otherwise they may prevent the glass pieces from laying flush and adhering properly.)
  4. Using a razor or exacto blade, cut along the edges of the glass to cut the adhesive sheet to the size of your glass.
  5. Lay the No Days Thinfuse (still on the release liner) on top of your piece of glass. Rub against the release liner with the back of a spoon, your fingernail, a sharpie, a fid, or other tool to get the adhesive film to release from the liner and stick to the glass. Concentrate on the edges of the glass especially, focusing on one corner.
  6. Use your fingernail to coax the release liner away from the adhesive film. Once the adhesive film has stuck to the glass and the release liner has begun to separate, peel the release liner back low like you’re applying shelf liner. This will prevent the adhesive from being pulled away from the glass.
  7. After removing release liner, begin to place glass pieces on top of the base piece of glass and adhesive film.
  8. After all pieces have been place, heat the piece using a heat gun, embossing heat tool, kiln, oven or griddle. As the glass nears 160dF (70dC) the adhesive will liquefy and you can slide the pieces into place with a heatproof tool.
  9. Remove the heat source and let the glass cool (5-10 minutes).
  10. Now the glass is tacked together and can be easily transported to the kiln.
  11. Fire in the kiln!
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