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No Days Mosaic Mesh

Adhering Mosaic Tiles to Fiberglass Mesh has Never Been so Simple with NO Days Mosaic Mesh

No Days Mosaic Mesh is a fiberglass mesh designed for mounting mosaics indirectly to your substrate. The mesh is coated with our proprietary NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, a heat activated adhesive that allows you to quickly and securely bond your tiles to the mesh before permanently installing your mosaic using cement, thinset or mortar.

For more information, check out the No Days Mosaic Mesh overview page.

    A Simplified Mosaic Assembly Process

  • No Days Mosaic Mesh simplifies the process of building interior or exterior, large or small scale mosaics by providing you with a quick drying solution to adhering tiles to mesh. Additionally, you can easily rework the adhesive by reheating the tiles instead of digging away at cement products to fix an out of place tile. It's easy to change your mind and change your design on a whim. You can cure large sections, small sections or entire mosaics all at once securing your design to the mosaic mesh substrate. Your mosaic can then be easily transported or mounted either vertically (a wall or backsplash) or horizontally (on the floor or table) with ease.

  • NO Days Mosaic Mesh is the ideal solution for commercial designers and hobbyists alike offering strength, ease-of-use, flexibility and no mess all wrapped up in one powerful and convenient product.

    A Quick 6-Step Mosaic Process

    1. Copy your pattern directly onto the mesh using a felt tip pen
    2. Place your glass or ceramic tiles on the mesh. Make sure that the shiny side of the release paper (included in the packaging) is under your mosaic. The adhesive will not stick to the shiny side of the release liner. If the matte side is against the mesh, the adhesive will stick to it.
    3. Apply heat using a Heat Gun, Iron, Griddle or Oven
    4. Transport or mount your mosaic using traditional mosaic methods
    5. Grout! After allowing thinset or mortar to cure

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