No Days Mosaic Mesh

Adhering Mosaic Tiles to Fiberglass Mesh has Never Been so Simple as with No Days Mosaic Mesh

The best mosaic mesh and adhesive solution for the professional and hobbyist!

No Days Mosaic Mesh is an alkali resistant fiberglass mesh designed for mounting mosaics indirectly to your substrate. The mesh is coated with No Days Mosaic Adhesive, a heat activated adhesive that allows you to quickly and securely bond your tiles to the mesh before permanently installing your mosaic using cement, thinset or mortar.

  • Allows mosaics to be easily transported and mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor mosaic application
  • Cure small areas, large areas or entire mosaic at once
  • Easily re-work or remove glass or tile pieces if necessary
  • Allows you to build on horizontal surface and mount your mosaic vertically
  • Bond glass or tiles to mesh using a standard heat gun or embossing heat tool
  • Non-toxic, no fumes

A Simplified Mosaic Assembly Process

No Days Mosaic Mesh simplifies the process of building interior or exterior, large or small scale mosaics by providing you with a quick drying solution to adhering tiles to mesh. Additionally, you can easily rework the adhesive by reheating the tiles instead of digging away at cement products to fix an out of place tile. It’s easy to change your mind and your design on a whim.

No Days Mosaic Mesh provides the perfect amount of adhesive that leaves the back of the tiles exposed so the thinset or mortar can securely adhere to the tiles. It’s the perfect solution for working with groups for community mosaics because it’s not messy and it’s impossible to apply too much glue!

You can cure large sections, small sections or entire mosaics all at once, securing your design to the mosaic mesh substrate. Your mosaic can then be easily transported and mounted either vertically (a wall or backsplash) or horizontally (on the floor or a table) with ease.

No Days Mosaic Mesh is the ideal solution for commercial designers and hobbyists alike offering strength, ease-of-use, flexibility and no mess all wrapped up in one powerful and convenient product.

A Quick 6 Step Mosaic Process

  1. Copy your pattern directly on the mesh using a felt tip pen. (Alternatively, place the pattern under the mosaic mesh and use parchment paper as a release agent.)
  2. Place the shiny side of the release liner (included in packaging) under your mosaic. The adhesive will not stick to the shiny side of the release liner. (In the past, the release liner has been matte on one side. If it looks shiny on both sides, then either side is fine to use.)
  3. Place your glass, ceramic, metal or stone tiles on the mesh.
  4. Cure the adhesive by heating with a heat gun, embossing heat tool, iron, griddle or oven. Tiles need to reach 160 degrees F (70 dC) to fully adhere to mesh. After the tiles cool, they will adhere to the mesh.
  5. Transport and mount your mosaic using traditional mosaic methods, with thinset, mortar or cement.
  6. Grout your project after allowing the mortar to cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mount my No Days Mesh Mosaic to a wall, floor or ceiling (horizontally or vertically)?

Absolutely, yes! No Days Mosaic Mesh is manufactured with an open cell design that means the No Days Mosaic Adhesive is only coated onto the fiberglass mesh matrix itself, leaving the cell of the fiberglass matrix open. The open cell design of No Days Mosaic Mesh means that just the right amount of adhesive bonds with the tiles you place leaving ample room on the tile for bonding products (like thinset or mortar) to attach to the mesh and tiles, ensuring a strong bond when mounting the entire mosaic vertically or horizontally.

What materials can I use with No Days Mosaic Mesh?

The heat activated film on the No Days Mosaic Mesh will stick to anything but silicon. This means you can use glass, ceramic tiles, metal (like coins and pennies), rocks, wood, and more!!

Can I use No Days Mosaic Mesh in an outdoor or exterior location?

Yes! No Days Mosaic Mesh was designed with outdoor weather conditions in mind. The elevated phase-change temperature of No Days Mosaic Adhesive (point at which it is heated and changes from a solid to a liquid) is 160dF/70dC. This temperature is high enough that it will not be reactivated by outdoor weather conditions, but low enough to be quickly heated by a heating device when applied. Additionally, the permanent bond is the thinset or mortar that you choose to use to mount your mosaic to the substrate.

No Days Mosaic Mesh can be easily mounted to a variety of indoor or outdoor surfaces using common bonding products. Once your glass or tile mosaic is bonded to the mesh substrate, mount your mosaic horizontally or vertically using ThinSet, Pre-Mixed Mortar, Cement or Mastic.

I used the oven to heat set my mosaic, but the pieces are falling off. Am I doing something wrong?

You need to make sure that your tiles reach 160ºF (70ºC) so that they stick to the adhesive on the mesh. You can set your oven at 180º-220ºF (80º-105ºC) and let the pieces sit for 10-15 minutes. When you remove the mosaic and mesh from the oven, you’ll have a few minutes to move pieces around with tweezers before the adhesive starts to set up.

The time it takes for your mosaic to set up will vary depending on the surface your mosaic is sitting on. If your mosaic is on a cookie sheet with the release liner under it, the metal will hold on to the heat for a bit longer, allowing you a few more minutes to move pieces around, if needed. If your mosaic comes from the hot oven to a cool surface, the adhesive will set up more quickly.

Let the mosaic cool so the adhesive can set up and your mosaic tiles will stay in place. If the adhesive starts to set up while you’re still moving pieces around, then the bond will not be as strong. You may want to use a heat gun (on a heat proof surface) to spot heat and position tiles.

Do I have to do small scale mosaic or can I do large scale designs with the No Days Mosaic Mesh?

As one No Days enthusiast said, “You’re only limited by your imagination. With No Days Mesh you can do simple, small projects or grandiose, large projects. Your imagination really IS the limit when it comes to No Days Mosaic Mesh.” When installing mosaics on mesh, it’s easiest to work with smaller sections (less than 3′ x 3′ sections), so the fact that the mesh comes in one foot width continuous rolls should not hinder your design. You can piece together the mesh into larger sizes by stitching together smaller pieces with string, or overlapping and heating the pieces. Alternatively, you can design in small sections, but it is handy to piece the mesh together and then cut your design into smaller sections strategically placing the seam along design lines.

When installing, it’s recommended to cut the sections of mosaic into smaller, more manageable pieces for ease of transportation and installation.

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