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Mosaic artists help raise funds to save mid-century mosaic mural in Lincoln, NE

A mosaic mural that was the largest of its kind when it was installed in the 1950s is facing demolition this summer in Lincoln, NE. A group of mosaic artists are doing their part to help raise a portion of the $1 million needed to remove the mosaic mural before the wrecking ball hits.

Mosaic ornaments created in upcycled jar lids.

Using No Days Mosaic Groutless Adhesive, they are selling mosaic kits that use recycled jar lids to create clever and fun mosaic ornaments to engage the community with mosaics while saving a part of their community’s history.

Mosaic Kits include instructions, No Days Groutless, glass and mirror and a wire hook.

Carrie Strope and Heather Swartz have invited area residents into the local stained glass studio, Architectural Glassarts, to create mini mosaic ornaments. Architectural Glassarts is donating glass and mirror and the artists are donating their time. The mosaic ornament kits and classes are $10, with 80% of the funds going to the mural’s fundraising effort. The remainder of the funds will cover the cost of materials not being donated. To complete the kit, participants must supply a clean, upcycled jar lid.

The mosaic mural at Pershing Auditorium in downtown Lincoln, NE.

Tax-deductible donations to save Pershing’s mural may be made online at or by mailing a check to the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation, 128 N. 13th St., Suite 1010, Lincoln, NE 68508, noting Pershing Mural Preservation Project on the check’s memo line.

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mosaic no days groutless

Upcycled Suncatchers with No Days Groutless

Looking for a fun, quick and easy project that uses up materials you’ve likely already got lying around? This project is the perfect answer! Grab all your treasures, trinkets, beads and scrap glass and get ready to play!

You’ll want washed jar lids, wire, wire cutters, pliers, hammer, a wood block, nail, No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, tweezers and a method for heating, that can include an oven, toaster oven, griddle, candle warmer or heat gun/embossing heat tool.

This project is easy enough for even kids to do, so if you’ve got littles to entertain, they can make something to gift or keep. There’s no gooey mess from the grout or liquid glues either. The best part is that it’s ready to hang as soon as it’s finished and cools!

mosaic no days groutless

No Days Groutless Ceramic Tile Sampler Mosaic

No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive is a dry to the touch adhesive sheet that allows you to create quick and easy mess-free mosaics.

Ceramic mosaic showing layering of No Days Groutless adhesive
A sampler mosaic portrait made with 1/2″ thick clay tiles shows how you can layer No Days Groutless to get it to rise up higher between tiles.

The thickness of the tiles you’re using, as well as the spacing in between your tiles will determine how much of the No Days Groutless you’ll want to use. To illustrate this, I put together this sampler mosaic using 1/2″ thick ceramic tiles.

Detail of 2 layers of No Days Groutless
Detail shot of section of mosaic with 2 layers of No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

I chose to make this mosaic in a box with walls that helped to contain the multiple layers of No Days Groutless that I would be using to see if I could get it to rise up to the level of the thickness of the tiles.

Detail of 3 layers of No Days Groutless
Detail shot of section of mosaic with 2 and 3 layers of No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

As the No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive is heated, it liquifies, and you press down on the tiles to force the adhesive to get pressed out from in between the tiles which lets it rise up around the tiles.

Detail of 4 layers of No Days Groutless
Detail shot of section of mosaic with 4 layers of No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

Check out this older but still informative video primer for working with No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive: